lucy mccoy is an abstract artist living in Los Angeles focused primarily on acrylic and oil non-objective and conceptual paintings. Her work is informed by her interest in architectural structures as anchors and entry points for exploring the tangible, elusive and possible. Her pieces attempt to capture the experience of movement through the multiple dimensions of each piece as a means of exploring and communicating with self and ones environment. Her process involves an intuitive physicality moving back and forth between multiple layers of gestural abstraction and mark making to a scraping away of burdensome distractions to a quieter focus on the development of objective and non objective images and back again to intuitive movement and mark making. She also incorporates figurative images into her work serving as passive observers as well as participants journeying through her pieces.

lucy earned her Associate of Arts degree in Two-Dimensional Art from Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC) as well as studied art and photography at UCLA Extension, Otis College of Art & Design (Adult Ed Program), Anderson Ranch Arts Center, Idylwild Arts, and the Kline Academy of Fine Art. Throughout the past ten years she has also participated in numerous art workshops and programs to enhance her painting practice. She credits her ongoing work with The Painting Experience, which facilitates a deeply personal intuitive painting process, as her source of inspiration and support through the creative journey.

lucy was born and raised in the SF Bay Area and has lived in Los Angeles most of her adult life. In addition to her passion for all forms of artistic expression, she is an avid hiker, traveler, reader, meditator and loves to spend time with her family, friends and her adorable pets.